C’est moi . . .

  • Divorced, doting father of three, enjoys solitude – an objectivist, realist, rationalist, deconstructivist, hates self pity and the victim mentality, despises using people as means to an end, broke, enlightened to a much preferred degree, lives by the Khalifah Principle, Zappaesque, only knows the Windsor knot, can’t play slide,  can’t tune by ear, can’t swim like a fish, enjoys cigars and black Arabica, disowned, disenfranchised, hated by siblings, detests gossip, abhors reality TV, avoids celebritism, finds vanity ugly, passionate about pentatonics, avid reader, addictive personality, grasps quantum evolution, non-partisan, vacations in developed countries, constant need to burn calories, constant dilemma of being restless & listless simultaneously,  and can be reached at muthrockah@yahoo.com.

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